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Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 24. First Nights: Five Performance Premieres
[Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 26. Race, Gender, and Performance][Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 31. American Musicals and American Culture]
Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 55. Shakespeare, The Early Plays
[Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 56. Shakespeare, The Later Plays]
African and African American Studies 111. Spectral Fictions, Savage Phantasms: Race and Gender in Anti-Racist South African and African American Drama, Fiction and Film 
[African and African American Studies 112. Black Humor: Performance, Art, and Literature]
African and African American Studies 120x. African American Theatre, Drama, and Performance]
[African and African American Studies 142. Hiphop and Don’t Stop: The Word]
[African and African American Studies 143. Representing Blackness: Media, Technology and Power in Hiphop Culture]
Classical Studies 146. Euripides’ Bakkhai and the Modern Reception of Dionysos from 1872
[Culture and Belief 56 (formerly English 193a). The Culture of Capitalism]
*English Camr. Advanced Playwriting: Workshop
*English Cffr. Adapting Short Fiction to Film: Workshop - (New Course) 
*English Ckr. Introduction to Playwriting: Workshop
*English Clr. Dramatic Screenwriting I: Workshop
*English 90cp. Contemporary American Playwrights: Seminar - (New Course) 
*English 90hb. Four Shakespeare Plays: Seminar
*English 90sb. Samuel Beckett’s Plays and Prose: Seminar
English 144a. American Plays and Musicals, 1940-1960
English 158a. A History of Western Drama
English 192. Political Theatre and the Structure of Drama
*Folklore and Mythology 114. Embodied Expression/Expressive Body: Dance in Cultural Context
[*French 71a. Classicism and Modernity: An Introduction to Performance]
French 134. Comedic Timing: Laughter on the Pre-Revolutionary Stage - (New Course)[French 148c. Performing in French: A Production of a Modern Tragedy]
[French 225. How to Read Drama. Theater History/Theories of Representation]
[French 226. Tragic Bodies. French Classicism Revisited]
*Freshman Seminar 33x. Complexity in Works of Art: Ulysses and Hamlet
*Freshman Seminar 34v. Broadway Musicals: History and Performance - (New Course) *Freshman Seminar 35n. The Art and Craft of Acting
*Freshman Seminar 35w. Sex, Gender, Shakespeare - (New Course) 
German 50. German Drama and Theater
[German 67. German in Revue: Kabarett through the 20th Century]
[German 115. German Comedy]
Greek 106. Greek Tragedy: The Electra Plays
Italian 40. Advanced Oral Expression and Performance
[Literature 125. The Desire for Narrative: Across Cultures, Forms and Media]
[Literature 133. Shakespeare Shakes the Globe]
Literature 141. Modern Anglophone Drama - From Ireland to the Caribbean and Africa Music 12hfr. The Harvard Dance Project
*Music 103r. Masterwork: The Choreographic Process of William Forsythe
*Music 105r. Fundaments of Improvisation & Composition, Dance
Music 193r. Topics in Music from 1800 to the Present: Proseminar
[Music 193rco. American Musical Theater]
usic 194r. Special Topics
Music 217r. 19th-Century Music: Seminar
*Portuguese 61. The Portuguese-Speaking World via the Performing Arts: The Interspaces of Language and Culture in Brazil and Beyond
Slavic 140. 20th Century Russian Culture on Page, Stage, and Screen - (New Course)[Slavic 141. Russian Drama and Performance]
Slavic 144. Chekhov
Spanish 126. Performing Latinidad