Secondary Field


6 half-courses

  1. At least two practice-based or studio courses (acting, directing, dance, choreography, dramaturgy, design, etc.) chosen from courses sponsored by the Dramatic Arts program (i.e. “Courses” with the “Dramatic Arts” rubric, not “Cross-Listed Courses”). 
  2. At least two courses focused on critical and scholarly approaches from either the courses sponsored by the Dramatic Arts program or from the list of Cross-listed Courses. 
  3. Two additional courses from either list.


Pass / Fail: With the exception of approved Freshman Seminars, all courses must be taken for letter grades. Grades should be B– or above.

Summer School/Study Abroad: Students may petition the Committee on Dramatics to have Harvard Summer School courses or study abroad courses count towards the secondary field by submitting full descriptions of these courses to the Chair or the Coordinator of the Committee for approval.

Limited Enrollment Courses: Secondary field students will not be granted preferential access to limited enrollment courses. Individual faculty members will determine the priority of enrollment.